Obtain an increased baggage allowance by flying back in BA Club

On a recent flight to Malaga, Spain I noticed the price for flying in British Airways Club class on the return leg was considerably less than the outward Club leg.  Of course — Mr Gordon Brown’s Airline Passenger Duty is higher on Business (e.g. BA Club) — and higher still on First class — on all flights departing the UK.  However most other jurisdictions are more reasonable … hence the cheaper return leg from Spain.  So I booked economy out, Club back.  True CTBM style.  This is when I discovered BA offer the same free baggage allowance (i.e. two checked in 23kg bags) for both legs. Good for BA.  Yet another reason not just to book blindly with with one of the low-cost carriers (where any form of checked in luggage is usually chargeable) without at least comparing the true cost of flying  with a traditional airline.  Needless to say we took full advantage of the complimentary cocktails in Economy on the way out … and bona-fide Pommery Champagne in Club class on the return!

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