Breakfasts & Bars.

Now bars in fancy hotels are not cheap places to buy drinks

…however they often provide generous bar snacks.  Have no scruples about using these bar snacks as cheap “grazing” to maximize the amount of time you can last until your next “paid for” meal

Visiting a hotel’s bar is a good way to judge if you would enjoy staying there … some hotels are just too formal or too precious for us.  But use your own bar forays to make your own judgements

Breakfasts in smart hotels vary hugely in quality but all tend to be pricey.  The trick is to identify which ones offer real value despite the price tab.  In Europe, if breakfast is not automatically included in the cost of the room, it is usually cheaper to buy breakfast in a nearby café … many are content to allow you to buy pastries from a nearby bakery to eat with the coffee they supply.  However those hotels which offer substantial buffet breakfasts can be the CTBMer’s friend … use breakfast as brunch and stock up with sufficient food to keep hunger at bay all day.  Smoked salmon, ham, cheeses, fruit, cava, sekt and, yes, even genuine champagne, are usually available

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